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I‘m from the Fight Club “generation of men raised by women.” I grew up in Waltham MA, was born in Rockland Maine (January 1958). My mother turned 17 thirteen days after I was born. Memories of my dad are few and faded. I remember him coming home from work one time when I was five. I was on the stairs all smiles. He hits me on the head with a pencil and growls. What the… there’s a lesson in everything, right?

Live and learn: Don’t take things personally.

My first gig ever came from pitching a restaurant owner on picking up trash in a parking lot. I got a quarter a day and an ice cream. Saved the quarters until I could afford a shoe shine kit.

Flash forward to selling cars, Eighty Eights in ’88 at Quirk in Braintree. Heard the grass was greener in Dedham. Ended up at Westminster Dodge in Boston. Built a website in ’96. Got calls from all over, everyone wanted to know, “how did you setup a website?”

Next thing you know I was developing websites. By ’03 I’d moved on. Went back to selling cars. That lasted three years. Started a man with a van sideline, it became the mainline.

The man with van gig rolled on for about ten years. In 2015 I was back to selling cars. Needed to upscale from the Man With Van days. Plus, levitating sofas started getting old as I moved into my mid-50’s.

It takes more than work to define a man.

This blog is about figuring out what I want and how to get it. It’s a neverending question.

Today is August 29th, 2017, a Tuesday. I setup a new blog today, MJCollinsCo.com to separate my business and personal interests. Blogging is one of my gigs. This is a lifestyle site about habits, being a senior, being divorced, the guitar, rice, vegetables, exercise, essentialism and women.

Transformation is the recurring theme. I actually do know what I want. It’s very simple. I got to roll, can’t stand still, got a flaming heart, can’t get my fill.