Harvard Square on a Kick Scooter

It’s a nice night. Just under seventy degrees, but I’m wearing a jacket. It’s stylised (auto correct) to go down into the lower fifties later.

East Watertown to Harvard Square is about three miles away. It took maybe thirty minutes to get here on a kick scooter.

I wake up in the middle of the night. Usually after sleeping about five hours. The big question on my mind last night was what do I like?

It’s not that easy to compile a list. It’s like trying to describe yourself. Some people may find it to be a simple exercise. I wrestle with it.

Irma is pounding Florida as I write. I was glued to the TV earlier watching the news coverage.

Before that I was out sourcing for my reseller business.

To figure out what I like I started reading my journal from 2013 forward. Two years ago I weighed 178. Thought that was high. Now I’m around 215.

I complain more than I thought. I would like to change the way I think.

I googled the word should yesterday. Discovered that should criticizes others and affirms the unwanted.

It’s more important to pay attention to wanted than unwanted. That’s what I’ve been thinking about.

I’m paying attention to moments when I’m not thinking too. I got a condensed version of Eckhart’s Power of Now. Profound. 


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  1. Mike

    What is going on in your life. Jim Goldberg dropping a quick on you to see what up? Miss you at the dealership. I hope everything well

    Keep blogging


    • Cluster of small businesses, gigs. Primary right now is Amazon, Ebay until I get my feet under me. It’s going well. Thanks for asking. May your summer selling be brisk and profitable.

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