Lucid Understanding Channeled Knowledge (LUCK)

Jackie Cooper, an automotive sales trainer from the 90’s defined LUCK as Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. I’m adding my own spin because laboring may imply hard, dirty unpleasant work. Slavery. Breaking your back. If you like Jackie’s definition, fine. Here’s mine.

Luck is Lucid Understanding & Channeled Knowledge

To be lucid is to be crystal clear. Clear Understanding of what? To solve a problem first define it. Lucidity and understanding imply experience but let’s define a process that obtains results. All the knowledge in the world is useless if it’s not used. Channeled Knowledge is the active application of the best knowledge available. Knowledge is dynamic.

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In the information age knowledge is a primary component. It’s like bricks and boards. You have to do something with it otherwise it just takes up space. Channeling is what you do with knowledge. You apply it to create, or build a solution to a defined problem or objective.

Momentum vs Blind Luck

Blind luck that delivers massive benefits is on par with the impossible. Even the impossible sometimes becomes possible. Winning the lottery is possible, but look at the odds. The odds of losing virtually guarantee that the time and money spent will be gone forever. Most people who gamble imagine a result that solves problems. The reality is the problem remains unresolved and grows because gambling has overwhelming negative consequences.

With the LUCK formula you’re creating positive momentum. Positive momentum attracts greater positive energy. The more LUCK you produce, the luckier you get.

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