Old Habits Become New Habits

Decisive Moments Yield Major Changes

The second half of this year has been filled with major changes. First, I quit my job. Then I decided to become a non gambler. That was followed by an instant transition to clean eating.

I Hated My Job

At the time I thought I loved my job, but I was wrong. I knew I was wrong when I realized how frustrated and dissatisfied I was, evidenced by complaining.

I was on Route 2 driving to a customer’s insurance agent, followed by a visit to the customer to get a signature when I realized, I do not want to do this. I was working on commission only performing tasks that should have been provided to me as support services.

My thoughts were dark, but in a flash I thought about my resourceful nature and made a decision to eliminate the source of the complaining. The moment I made that decision is crystal clear. I returned to the dealership, cleaned out my desk and left the noise behind.

No More Donkey Blues

I am an all or nothing kind of guy. Gambling is not my friend. If I buy a ticket for Mega Millions or Powerball to get in on the big jackpot that gets me started. One ticket ignites a desire to win. That desire then leads to more tickets.

I’d have to consult my journal for the exact moment I decided to become a non gambler, but it was a couple months ago. I’ve made this decision in the past but caved on it.

Caving on the decision starts with one ticket. It’s like when I quit smoking. That was about 30 years ago. I went through the quitting process more than once. It was only when I realized, finally, truly, that I would never, ever smoke even one cigarette, or anything at all that the habit was finally arrested.

That’s what I’ve finally done with gambling. No wagers. Not even a dollar. No way. I am a non gambler. The relief is overwhelming.

What The Health

I’d been intending to improve my eating habits. It was a frequent topic in my journal but I kept wrestling with the idea of being “all or nothing” with food. Surely I can find a way to have an “occasional sweet” or cheat, right?


An occasional sweet or cheat turns into several times a day before I know it. I was eating at . Wendy’s, BK and pastry shops with abandon.

Finally, I cleaned out the eggs, cheese, yogurt, sausage links and everything else from the fridge and cupboard that had me on the “improve my eating tomorrow” plan.

I subscribe to plant based eating, I know it works and unfortunately, I know what happens if I think I can assert control and allow myself an occasional treat.

Fortunately, eating lean and clean causes a calibration. I still enjoy eating, I’m just not doing damage every time I eat.

The relief, is again, overwhelming.

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