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The better part of the day went into setting up –my business blog. Having recently quit a job selling cars leaves me scrambling to secure sufficient sources of income. All of that discussion is being moved off to the business side of my life.

The Manpod is a simple abode that’s shifted three times in less than three years.

I recently returned from a trip to Maine. It was a vision quest. I saw relatives I rarely visit and places I’ve hardly seen since I was a kid.

Going Mobile

The Who sang a song, “Going Mobile.”

I’ve decided that living life on my own terms isn’t something that’s going to happen after everything else works out. I want to go where I want to go when I want to go. I’ll work harder getting my feet under me than I worked selling cars, or when I moved furniture as Man With a Van. Doesn’t matter. If the Manpod downsizes to a duffel bag, so be it.

This is where it starts. Going mobile is a PTB, a Portable Transparent Business, a mindset. It’s about refusing to be anchored to things that don’t matter, like selling cars. If I don’t make it work with the PTB, I could end up back in a job, but I have no intention of failing. I might end up taking one step back before I take two steps forward. And I might not.

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