Rainy Sunday Morning

The day before Labor Day is Sunday and it’s a rainy morning. Do you ever wake up and say what am I going to do today?

I get up early enough to ask that question every day. I answer the question by doing a daily review of my projects, calendar, tasklist and what’s on my mind. It’s a ritual to open the apps on an android as I have my black coffee and figure out what’s gonna happen today.

This is also a good time to read. I’m reading Online Arbitrage by Chris Green. I think I see my day shaping up right now. Weigh-in, get dressed, make coffee, and read 10 pages of the book. I’ve been plowing through it and it’s it’s it’s a chore …

I’m also churning through a Dan Kennedy consulting course with a big thick binder and hours and hours of DVD.

And this isn’t even the stuff that’s on my Tasklist.

There needs to be a sense of adventure with learning. I’d like to hit the day running rather than looking at a blank slate. For now I’m just going to look at the rain and think about things that I appreciate.

It’s dry and comfortable. I have many options for things to do. I can pause, take a break, and sort a few things out. Just breathe.

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