Cleaned Out Gmail

I had labels/folders in gmail for mailing lists, and my gmail was setup like a filing cabinet. That’s no more. I deleted all my filters and labels except one, “ACTION.” There’s no reason to look up account details in gmail. I’m going to file to Drive, or some other cloud service and stop using my email like a file cabinet.

Gmail Is A Mailbox, Not A Filing Cabinet

I used gmail’s default labels and searched by date to remove junk like three year old emails with receipts of some widget I bought online, mailing list emails, etc.

I still to work on my email process. If there’s an action that needs to happen, how do I handle it? I don’t drop what I’m doing every time I get an email. I already have tasklists and a calendar.

Search by date within default labels reduced my bulk from thousands to dozens of emails. My inbox is now clear. I still need to figure out the connection between action tracking, filing and email.

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