TPA – Structural Dynamics

Robert Fritz’s book The Path of Least Resistance introduced me to his Structural Dynamics achievement methodology that identifies oscillating and advancing patterns. He wrote a whole book, several books, revealing a planning process for achieving desires. For me, Structural Dynamics picks up where the Law of Attraction trails off.

I’ve broken it down to three components: TPA. Target. Position. Action.

The Target is the vision, the result, what you want to achieve. The Position is where you currently are relative to the Target. Action is a list of actions or the next available action or actions that move you toward the target.

This blog is taking over where my journal is trailing off. I have a TPA for planning, a TPA for $$, a TPA for my desired weight, a TPA called Shogun and a TPA named 6-String. Those are my major Targets.

The TPA’s are in an Evernote folder. Related project files are in Evernote. My other tool is my calendar with integrated tasklist.

The day starts with a review. Read the TPA’s. Look over my calendar and tasklist. Review my projects. Pick an activity (Action) and get something done. That’s my TPA system.

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