Is Success A BIG Meat Sandwich?

What do I lack? I have books. And devices. Clothes to wear. There’s money in my wallet. I have a car, work to do, and the day is a delightful challenge.

My new approach to starting gigs starts with recordkeeping.

The next time I visit the supermarket holds the potential for victory.

I’ve realized that cravings can be snuffed with non damaging alternatives.

I can work during every moment of the day, or not.

My weight is going down. As I descend from the blobosphere, or escape… anything can happen.

Ten gigs and success. Success is more than just income. Success is not defined by meat and cheese sandwiches with fries.

Would you like key lime pie with that? You could get used to saying no. Try it.

Success is not about being frantic.

What is success? Satisfaction. Abundance. Contentment. What about freedom? Can you call it success if the price you pay is freedom?

How sweet will it be knowing I quit my job, started doing only activities that are PTB and never looked back?

What price will I pay for success? There is uncertainty. Distractions. Challenges. Doubts. Conventional rhetoric scoffs at the word doubt.

The courage arises in pressing on despite doubt. Doubt is a challenge. Doubt is a blessing. Beyond doubt is realization.

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